Bianchi ALL ROAD (Gravel Bike)

Bianchi Gravel

Bianchi Gravel

In our store of Servizio Corsa you will find various versions of the 2024 series of the Bianchi Impulso Allroad.

The frame of the Impulso Allroad is characterized by aluminum, which is paired with a carbon fork. This in combination with the Celeste coating typical of Bianchi and you immediately begin to realize that you have something special to do here.

The Impulso Allroad has a Triple Butted frame, which has also gone through the THT process. Another feature is that tires with a diameter of up to 40mm can be used on front and rear wheels. In this context, it can be mentioned that the front fork has a flat disc with a 12x100mm thru-axle, whereas the rear wheel has a 12x142mm thru-axle.


The Impulso Allroad convinces with an aluminium frame

The aluminum frame of the Impulso Allroad is complemented by a carbon fork and this also allows the use of tires up to 40mm. In addition, they will find mudguards on the front fork and the rear seat stays, which only reinforce the all-wheel feeling even further.

The cable routing runs largely within the frame. Internal cables are routed through the down tube of the frame to the front fork to ensure the high quality and clean appearance of the bike.


The perfect gravel bike from Bianchi for those who prefer gravel

The Bianchi Impulso Allroad is a gravel bike you would wish for. They are a mixture of crossroad bikes and classic road bikes. Gravel bikes are so versatile and really feel at home on any surface. So if you are not completely satisfied with the previous range of Bianchi road bikes, because you simply can not decide on a special model, the Bianchi Impulso Allroad as the perfect gravel bike offers the perfect solution to your problems!


High-quality components for the perfect harmony of the Impulso Allroad

The good thing about the Bianchi Impulso Allroad as a gravel bike is that you can be completely sure that the parts used are high-quality components. This is a drivetrain and Shimano brakes. The stem, handlebar post and seatpost are also in-house production from Bianchi, namely Reparto Corsa alloy parts.

One of the decisive differences between riding on the road and riding off-road is that when riding off-road, the weight of the bike becomes clearer. The Bianchi Gravel Bike is more of a heavy model in all versions and it should be noted that dirt is still added to an all-wheel bike. In this respect, a modification of the Bianchi Impulso Allroad would do well. The Impulso offers a pleasantly upright position, which gives the driver great safety in uneven terrain.


Bianchi goes new ways Gravel Bike as a further development of the road bike and new discovery of the Allroad category

In view of current developments in the bicycle market, there is a growing popularity for bikes suitable for the terrain. For this reason, it is fantastic that Bianchi, as a historical bicycle brand, also follows this trend and launches its own product on the market, which also has a relatively low price.

Regardless of the weight problems mentioned earlier, the Bianchi Impulso Allroad offers an excellent driving experience. It is the perfect bike for your off-road adventures and you can also ride it effortlessly on the road.


The Bianchi Impulso Allroad is the bike for all offroad lovers, a true gravel bike

More than 125 years ago, Edoardo Bianchi founded his bicycle brand and now, a good century later, Bianchi brings a stable, state-of-the-art all-wheel to the market lovers will have their pleasure with the Bianchi Impulso Allroad as a gravel bike.

The price of the Bianchi Impulso Allroad is 1.999eur in our store.

Bianchi Gravel Bike 2024
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