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The line-up for the Bianchi Road Bike 2024 models is wide and reveals a broad spectrum so that the right model is available for every type of ride and for every price level. Basically, the Bianchi Road Bike 2024 series can be divided into four categories: Bianchi Road Bike Endurance Racing, Bianchi Road Bike Racing, Bianchi Road Bike Dama Bianca and Bianchi Road Bike Cyclocross.

Grundsätzlich kann man die Bianchi road bike 2024er Modellreihe in vier Kategorien unterteilen: Bianchi road bike Endurance Racing, Bianchi road bike Racing, Bianchi road bike Dama Bianca und Bianchi road bike Cyclocross.

Bianchi 2024

Bianchi road models 2024


Bianchi Road Bike Endurance Racing

Bianchi road bike Endurance Racing

The Bianchi road bike series Endurance Racing includes four models of Bianchi wheels. These are the Bianchi Infiniti CV, the Bianchi Infiniti CV Disc, the Bianchi Intenso and the Bianchi Via Nirone. The road bike Endurance Racing models are the long-distance bikes of Bianchi. They basically offer a longer wheelbase, a higher head, a larger hose and a slightly raised position, so that more comfort can be achieved on long distances.

Part of the Endurance Racing series, for example, is the Bianchi Road Bike CV. It is equipped with the Countervail technology used exclusively by Bianchi. This technology reduces the irregularities of uneven roads, allowing for increased comfort while reducing the driver?s fatigueness over long distances. The Countervail technology proves itself on every type of surface and terrain. Be it on the hardest cobblestones travelling around Europe or at home on your home routes.

Bianchi Road Bike Racing

Bianchi road bike Racing

The Bianchi Racing range includes seven models. These are the Bianchi road bike Aria, the Bianchi road bike Oltre XR3, the Oltre road bike XR3 Disc, the Bianchi road bike Oltre XR4, the Oltre road bike XR4 Disc, the Sempre and the road bike Specialissima.

The Racing category includes exactly what the name promises? Racing. All models in the Bianchi Racing range are bikes with extreme racing performance. They are bikes with highest power transmission efficiency and best stiffness/weight ratio. All Racing models guarantee top speed, control and comfort, as the Racing models also use Countervail technology. All models symbolize the ideal road bike for anyone who is looking for speed.

Bianchi Road Bike Dama Bianca

Bianchi road bike Dama BiancaThe Bianchi Dama Bianca road bike series is a selection of bikes for female cyclists introduced by Bianchi. These are: the Bianchi Infinito CV Dama Bianca, the Bianchi road bike Intenso Dama Bianca and the Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Bianca.

The women bikes of Bianchi are available in different price categories, so that the Dama Bianca series has the bike for every one. The Bianchi Dama Bianca is based on the Endurance series and therefore is comparable with the Bianchi Endurance Racing or the Bianchi Racing models.

Bianchi Road Bike Cyclocross

Bianchi road bike CyclocrossThe Cyclocross Road Bike by Bianchi is what the name promises. It is the Bianchi model called Bianchi Zolder, which is used far from the normal everyday life on the open road. Whether on mud, grass or steep slopes, whether spontaneous obstacles or speed. The Bianchi Cyclocross Road Bike model is designed to meet the needs of male and female bike riders who want to escape the challenges of road racing and plunge into cross country terrain.

Bianchi Road Bike L'EROICA

Bianchi road bike L'EROICA The road bike for the world famous L?Eroica events. The Bianchi Eroica Road Bike is DESIGNED in Italy and 100% BUILT in Italy. Just like the original classic bikes, it consists of welded and partly polished original Columbus steel pipes. The Bianchi L'Eroica is the perfect road bike for all retro and vintage lovers who like to move their road bike a lot. Special highlight: This road bike has been officially approved by the L'Eroica Commission for the start of all L'Eroica races!

Bianchi Road Bike All Road

Bianchi road bike ALL RoadThe Bianchi Impulso Disc Road Bike is designed for lovers of long distance rides and offers a maximum amount of comfort. As an all-road version it is made for those who want to drive on the unpaved roads. The ALLROAD offers the characteristics of a mountain bike, road bike, cyclocross, marathon bike and trekking bike at the same time. Like its big brother the Infinito, it offers a slightly longer wheelbase for more driving stability. The comfortable geometry results from a longer head tube and allows a relaxed ride. The road bike frame consists of triple butted and hydroformed aluminum tubes. This guarantees a high rigidity and a low weight; at first glance, the frame looks shaped like carbon.

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