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Racing bicycle leasing via JobRad - what is it and who can use it?

What exactly does leasing a Bianchi racing bike mean and what are the advantages?

Leasing a Bianchi racing bike is a special form of rent. In the case of employee leasing via JobRad, the employer is the lessee and pays the monthly installments directly to JobRad. The employee decides to receive part of his salary in kind in the form of a Bianchi racing bike for a period of 36 months. This reduces the employee's taxable income. Since the Bianchi racing bike can also be used privately by the employee, there is a financial advantage, that has to be taxed monthly at 1% of the list price of the Bianchi racing bike. In total, the employee saves between 20% and 40% compared to a regular purchase. You can get an initial estimate of how high the savings are in your case using the calculator further down on this page.

Who can lease a Bianchi racing bike through JobRad?

In order to be able to lease a JobRad, your employer must have concluded a framework agreement with LeaseRad GmbH. You can find out from your HR department, whether such a framework agreement already exists. If it is not yet the case, you can request the contract documents without obligation under the following link:To the contract documents from JobRad

Which Bianchi racing bicycles can be leased?

In principle, all racing bikes, bicycles and e-bikes from our entire assortment can be leased. JobRad has a minimum value per Bianchi racing bike of € 749.00 including VAT for employees due to the associated administration effort. If your employer allows more than one racing racing bicycle / bicycle / e-bike to be leased, then a separate order must be placed for each article, since these are then also two processes at Jobrad. Please note that firmly screwed accessories (e.g. pedals) that have been ordered are also added to the minimum order value.

How do I order a Bianchi Leasing racing bicycle?

Select Bianchi bike

Find your desired Bianchi racing bicycle in our online shop and place it in the shopping cart.

Ordering process for the Bianchi bicycle

Select "Leasing via JobRad" as the payment method and complete your order. You will then receive an order confirmation with all the necessary data.

Leasing contract with your employer

Print out your order confirmation and take it to your employer. He will then conclude a leasing contract with you and then contact LeaseRad for the further processing of the leasing of your Bianchi racing bike.

Confirmation of your order

As soon as your employer has concluded the contract with LeaseRad, LeaseRad will confirm the order for your racing bike to you and us and send you a form for confirmation of acceptance. Please note that this whole process must take place within 3 weeks. As soon as we have the confirmation, your Bianchi racing bike will be delivered to you by a delivery company.

Confirmation of acceptance

Simply confirm receipt of your desired Bianchi racing bike on the acceptance confirmation and send it back to LeaseRad.

Bezahlung bei Leasing

Ein Teil Ihres Gehalts wird nun jeden Monat durch Ihren Arbeitgeber einbehalten. Dadurch werden die Leasingraten für Ihr Bianchi Rennrad bezahlt.

Payment for leasing

Part of your salary will now be withheld by your employer every month. This pays the leasing installments for your Bianchi racing bike.

Accessories that can be leased

Of course, you can add lots of accessories to your job bike order, such as a lock, a lighting set, a bottle holder, a luggage rack or, for e-bikes, a spare battery. Enclosed you will find a list of all the leasing accessories at Jobrad:Accessories that can be leased

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